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AT&C Kilishi 120g (Beef spicy)

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AT&C kilishi spicy snack 250g
Superior Beef Jerky, made with solid strips of marinated beef 

WARNING: Addictive & Juicy  


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When you get a craving for a late-night snack, or simply need some fuel for the workday at the office or better still a snack on the go, you can reach for AT& C Kilishi.

This chewy and seasoned meat comes with all kind of flavours from the superior beef Jerky to the more creative Honey flavoured.

We use all-natural ingredients to handcraft our beef Jerky.
slowly marinating it to develop the delicious beef flavour with a dusting of earthy herbs and a savoury warm flavour.

Take a bite at our selection of beef jerky and your mouth will water no matter what you are in the mood for.

We craft our beef from 100% grass-fed beef.