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Tropical Sun Foods brings you the perfect blend of natural peanuts and delicious coconut cream with its Crunchy Coconut Peanuts. Each peanut is carefully roasted to perfection, and then coated with a sweet and crunchy layer of real coconut cream, providing a scrumptious tropical taste with every bite. Ideal for snacking while enjoying a cold drink with friends, but be warned, they are incredibly addictive!- once you start munching you cannot stop! Enjoy!

When normal peanuts just won’t do, it’s time to reach for Tropical Sun Crunchy Coconut Peanuts! Thanks to these delicious peanuts coated in a sweet and crunchy coconut cream shell, the snack game will NEVER be the same again. Be aware, these bad boys are seriously addictive!

Roasted not fried. Great taste gold 2012. Coated with real coconut cream. Vacuum-packed for freshness. Suitable for vegetarians. Halal.

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