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Olu Olu Yellow Sweet...

Olu Olu Yellow Sweet Plantain Chips (60g)

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Olu Olu Sweet Yellow Plantain Chips, 60g 

Elevate your snacking experience with Olu Olu Sweet Yellow Plantain Chips. These hand-cooked chips offer the perfect taste and hearty crunch, made from 100% natural plantains.

The gourmet snack is free from artificial flavors or preservatives, making it a healthy choice for vegans and vegetarians.
With a variety of flavors available, including Sweet Chilli, Green Plantain, and Green Chilli, Olu Olu provides an enticing taste sensation for all palates.

Satisfy your cravings with this guilt-free, nutritious, and exotic treat that's perfect for any occasion.

Tropical Sun Foods brings you the perfect blend of natural peanuts and delicious coconut cream with its Crunchy Coconut Peanuts. Each peanut is carefully roasted to perfection, and then coated with a sweet and crunchy layer of real coconut cream, providing a scrumptious tropical taste with every bite. Ideal for snacking while enjoying a cold drink with friends, but be warned, they are incredibly addictive!- once you start munching you cannot stop! Enjoy!

When normal peanuts just won’t do, it’s time to reach for Tropical Sun Crunchy Coconut Peanuts! Thanks to these delicious peanuts coated in a sweet and crunchy coconut cream shell, the snack game will NEVER be the same again. Be aware, these bad boys are seriously addictive!

Roasted not fried. Great taste gold 2012. Coated with real coconut cream. Vacuum-packed for freshness. Suitable for vegetarians. Halal.

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Grace Green plantain chips...
  • Plantain Chips
  • In tropical countries where plantains are cultivated they find many diverse uses. Whilst the ripe plantain is eaten fresh as a fruit, it may also be fried to form chips. Their natural sweetness makes them a popular snack throughout the Caribbean.
  • GraceKennedy Limited - Quality Seal
  • Packaged in a protective atmosphere
  • Gluten free
  • High in fibre
  • Pack size: 85G
  • High in fibre
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Grace Green Banana Chips 85g

Grace Salted Green Banana Chips 85g (Box of 9)

Salted Green Banana Chips

Gluten Free

High in Fiber

A good source of Magnesium

Green Banana Chips are usually used in both their green unripe
form as well as a sweet mature yellow fruit. One popular use for
the green banana is as a fried chip, enjoyed as a tasty snack
throughout the Caribbean.

Ingredients: Green Bananas (70%), Non-hydrogenated vegetable oil
(Palmolein) and Salt

Product of Colombia.

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Grace Exotic Chips Tostones...
Double-cooked, pressed plantain slices.Our Grace Exotic Chips snacks should be enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle, including regular exercise.
Our Tostones are made by cutting and cooking green plantain, then are pounded flat into thick slices before cooking a second time until golden. The result is a truly unique crunchy snack experience, full of delicious, natural flavour. Great for dipping!
Kettle CookedQuality Since 1922The snack with real crunch!Suitable for vegans
Pack size: 75G
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Grace Sweet Potato Exotic...

Thinly sliced purple sweet potato root chips, kettle-cooked in batches to maintain their delicious, natural flavour and crunch!

Our Purple Sweet Potato chips are a deliciously crunchy and light snack, kettle cooked in small batches, with a striking visual appearance and natural, sweet and savoury flavour. Great for dipping! Our Grace Exotic Chips snacks should be enjoyed as part of an active lifestyle, including regular exercise.

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