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Malta Guiness Can 330 ml

Price AED5.00

Malta Guinness unique and delicious non-alcoholic malt drink, packed full of the finest ingredients and added vitamins for that "top of the world" feeling! guaranteed.

Ovaltine 400 g

Price AED23.00

Rich Chocolate Ovaltine is quickly becoming a family tradition in homes across Africa. In fact, Moms who tried the new and improved Rich Chocolate say it’s better than ever. 

Combining the best quality and taste, Barbican brings you the finest malt refreshment you have ever tasted. Meticulously crafted with the highest quality ingredients only, Barbican Pine apple will delight you with its magnificent aroma and deliciously clean raspberry flavour brewed into each and every drop of this exquisite beverage.

Roses Cordial 750ml Kola

Price AED32.34
Roses Cordial Kola has been mixing with the "in" crowd for more than 140 years. It remains equally at home in your kitchen as it does in the glitziest clubs and and bars around the world.