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Jungle  Oats Easy 500g Strawberry contains  fastest high dietary fibre, high-energy wholesome Oats, Jungle Oats Instant is the quick and easy-to-prepare breakfast packed with all the Goodness of Jungle. The Oat flakes in Jungle Oats Instant are rolled extra fine, which means you just have to add boiling water for delicious flavours and a great breakfast. They come in a resealable pack for extra convenience.

Kellogg's Rice Krispies Bag Pack Multi-Serve Format  Each Kellogg's Rice Krispie is made from a single grain of rice. And like all grains, rice is packed with carbohydrates... and a word that long must be good for you! Carbohydrates are the best way to get energy from your food... and when you're growing up you need lots of energy. So why not pour yourself a bowlful NOW and enjoy that SNAP, CRACKLE and POP for yourself? Rice Krispies, Simple Good

Neat Fufu powder is made from properly mature plantain and naturally grown tropical cassava as basic ingredients, processed into high-quality fufu powder, blended to give that authentic fufu texture and best flavour. 700g 

Maggi 2 minute noodles durban curry flavour delivers the great taste your family will love, making them South Africa's number noodle. Maggi noodles are fortified with iron and prepared with the finest ingredients like sunflower seed oil and oat fibre to ensure we deliver the best noodle eating experience for you and your family. 

It goes well with a number of fillings, letting you innovative with your sandwiches. Peanuts are a natural source of rich energy and nutrients. Each crunchy bite is not only good for your mood but also for your body as it provides you with raw energy and nutrition, without the guilt of cholesterol.

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