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Couscous Dari 1 kg

Price AED26.25

Great side dish, serve cold or hot. Generally served with steamed vegetables or mixed with almonds, cinnamon and sugar after being steamed multiple times for a light, fluffy texture

Tastic Parboiled Rice is specially selected from the world’s best quality rice: long grain, unbroken, clean and white. Tastic is guaranteed to always cook up separate, fluffy and white, giving you fantastic meals that are perfect. Every time.

Munro Glucose - D 175g

Price AED13.65

MUNRO GLUCOSE-D 175g Instant Energy Fast is Highly Enriched With Enough Calcium and Vitamin D. It's Rapidly Absorbed And Provides A Source of Energy Which is Immediately Available. It Supplies Immediate Energy And Nourishment During that Period of Time.