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Jamaican black castor oil - health and beauty aide in a bottle - use on hair, skin, aches and pain and much more! Black castor oil is a powerful healing oil that an age old reputation as an all purpose healing oil. The fatty acids and phyto chemicals found in tropic isle living's Jamaican 

Pure White Soap 150g

Price AED34.00

The Pure White GOLD Glowing and precious SOAP gives your skin back to its soft and silky texture. Thanks to the Argan seed powder that regenerates, cleans and buffs away dead skin cells, Pure White Gold Soap instantly restores the complexion radiance. Apply to Face and Body, Day and Night. Result visible by 7days.

All-natural foaming scrubs are a sulfate free solution for exfoliating and cleansing the skin. In addition, our all-natural oil-based scrubs are softening and moisturizing with oatmeal and brown sugar. All our scrubs are guaranteed to leave your skin soft and glowing. This product was selected as a finalist for the 2020 Pure Beauty Awards Best New Bath Category

Shea Global Face Mask

Price AED47.25

This amazing mask detoxifies, cleanses, exfoliates and moisturizes the face leaving it smooth and fresh. Skin tone appears more even, marks and redness and pores appear decongested.

Net. Wt. 60 ml

Formulation: Each ml contains 40 mg Hydroquinone and 20 mcg Tretinoin

Indication: For the topical treatment of acne vulgaris and for pathological hyperpigmentation such as chloasma, melasma, freckles and lentigines.

Lemonvate Cream 30g

Price AED25.20

Lemonvate Cream 30 g
Michell Lemonvate Brightening Gel refreshing Vitamin C. Formulated with a light refreshing scent, it reduces appearance of dark brown spots, evening out skin tone with brightening 

Beneks Hot Movate Gel

Price AED21.00

Movate is a Body Cream that produces effective result; It is quick in action to softens, lightens and brightens the skin complexion. Leaving the skin smooth and loving young. It also helps softens & enriches the skin; with its special screening agent, it act fast to smooth the complexion to a flawless beauty.

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