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Plantain Fufu Flour 700 g

Regular price AED45.00 -10% Price AED40.50

Neat Fufu powder is made from properly mature plantain and naturally grown tropical cassava as basic ingredients, processed into high-quality fufu powder, blended to give that authentic fufu texture and best flavour. 700g 

White Garri 1 kg

Price AED15.75

This is a  cassava cereal is made by Ijebu farmers who have made the artisanal creation of garri renowned by locals and foreigners alike. Our garri is carefully processed to perfection without any synthetic chemicals to produce the finest grains ever.

The full Iwisa range comprises Iwisa Maize Meal, Iwisa Samp, Iwisa Maize Rice, Iwisa Braai pap and Iwisa Creamy Maize flour. Whichever Iwisa product you choose, you will find it to be an excellent accompaniment to meat and chicken dishes as well as vegetable dishes, casseroles and stews.

Bokomo ProNutro original Flavour Cereal.18 High in vitamins, source of minerals...The Performance Cereal.91% Wholegrain.High in carbohydrates, Energy and total dietary fibre.Free from Wheat.

nestle milo cereal 450g

Price AED31.50

MILO Energy Cereal, now containing less sugar and more benefits! Each serving of MILO Energy Cereal contains only 1 ½ teaspoon of sugar and is high in fibre, free from artificial colours and has 7 vitamins and minerals to kick-start your kid’s active day.

Kabizu Cassava flour 1 kg

Price AED30.00

 cassava flour is made from freshly harvested cassava tuber, peeled, allowed to ferment for 3 to 7 days depending on species and region, and then using the most current technology, desiccated (that is, dried) into a fluffy powdery product.