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Beef Meat (Torzo)1kg

Price AED36.00

Beef Meat (Torzo) also known as the Cow Hump 1kg from Our African Butcher is a must-have for anyone seeking high-quality, nutrient-rich meat. This culinary delight comes from well-cleaned cow meat, making it a rich source of protein.

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Work product through hair and massage scalp with fingertips as you would a conventional shampoo. 

Carefully detangle hair with a wide-tooth comb. Rinse well.

Repeat only if necessary, to remove excessive product build up or for further scalp cleansing. Follow with conditioning.

Effectively cleanses hair and scalp without sulfates and harsh detergents. Hydrates dry hair for more vibrant, manageable natural coils and curls.

Beef Meat 1kg

Price AED35.00

Beef Meat 1kg

Beef Meat 1kg from African Butcher is a premium quality, natural farm-raised, hormone-free beef that is a rich source of protein. Perfectly cut into small cubes, it is great for slow cooking and stews.