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Price AED21.50

Crayfish is used as seasoning in Nigerian cooking. ... Based on the characteristics of shrimps, I would say that the crayfish we have in Nigeria are more like shrimps. So crayfish can safely be referred to as dried shrimps. They range from very tiny to large ones that can be mistaken for prawn

Edible clay (Ulor) 100g by African Garden & Farms

Experience the unique taste and cultural tradition of Edible Clay (Ulor) 100g by African Garden & Farms. This natural clay is sourced with care, offering a distinctive flavor and texture. Perfect for those seeking a traditional African delicacy.

AFG Chin Chin 100g

Price AED10.00

AFG Chin Chin is a traditional Nigerian snack made from deep-fried dough, crispy on the outside and soft on the inside, with a slightly sweet flavor. 

Great popular snack that can be enjoyed as an afternoon treat, party snack or bedside snack.  

Perfect for those who love a crispy, sweet and satisfying treat. 

Order now and enjoy the taste of AFG Chin Chin!

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